Russian (CIS)English (United Kingdom)

Eternal Travel

The flame of the night again
Calls my mind
To touch the horizon.
I feel that I can not stay.
The choice is made.
My prison is broken.
Now, there is no time to wait.
Places I’ve never been
Await and beckon me.
And I know that my fate
Lays only in my hands
And nobody’s else.
Nomad is my name.
Tomorrow is my way.
And now I go to the other horizon.
Wheel of time won’t turn another way today,
But I know that I should run through my endless haze to
Find my home, the place where I belong, the fields of gold
Far away, in another day.
Sometimes I don’t know where I am,
So hard to breathe again
And to face a new day.
Heaven knows my pain,
But there is no other way,
It’s eternal travel.
Wheel of time…